Green Cleaning Plan


1. Education and Training

• CWI maintenance’s workers have completed Green Cleaning Class in preparation for Green cleaning managed by Green Seal in 2008.
• CWI maintenance is ready to execute cleaning procedure, chemical handing, tracking requirement,and operation procedures, and so on according to LEED’s guidelines
• CWI maintenance invited green cleaning professionals from Spartan Chemical Company and Hillyard Chemical Company and had classes for our employee only.
• We have several seminars yearly basis and have managers attend the class at least twice a year for the new products and techniques for green cleaning.

2. Order of Operation for Green Cleaning

• CWI maintenance plans to introduce CMSG(CWI maintenance Monitoring System for Green). We hope successful execution for green cleaning with this monitoring system.
• So, we made a contract with SNP Marketing Company for developing, implementing and evaluation our Green Cleaning System.
• Through these procedures, CWI maintenance seeks to improve necessary knowledge and ability of the workers and establish effective education and training systems.
• Also, CWI plans to evaluates and get a feedback for customer satisfaction on a regular via survey. On evaluation list, it should include following items:

1. Provide detailed, objective information to the customer’s demand
2. Sanitation safety of the cleaning and rate of satisfaction
3 Complaints, evaluation on handling with the complained problem.

What is Green Cleaning?
Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Green cleaning techniques and products avoid the use of chemically reactive and toxic products which contain various toxic chemicals.
We care environment
CWI wants consumers to be aware that many cleaning products contain hazardous ingredients which can release volatile organic compounds and poisons into the environment. Over time this can contribute to allergic reactions, breathing problems and many other affects that can be potentially harmful to humans and animals.


Green gets you clean
CWI comes to your home or business with over 10 years of dry carpet cleaning experience. Enjoy superior carpet cleaning that DOES NOT use water or harmful chemicals, removes most allergens, and leaves your carpets looking and smelling fresh. And the best part - your carpets are dry IMMEDIATELY! Servicing San Diego, California.
We keep our environment
CWI sincerely cares about your health and your environment; we also take great pride in being a part of a coastal community and realize the need to keep harmful pollutants out of our oceans and beaches. We understand that we all live down stream, which is another reason why we designed a cleaning program that actively contributes to a healthier and happier lifestyle for everyone.