Our mission is to ensure that your establishment has a spotless, tranquil, and uplifting work environment through noteworthy service built on integrity and hard work.

We understand that you are busy, therefore our purpose is to provide janitorial cleaning services that will relieve you from any stress and worries. Our endearing vision is to establish a long term relationship with you for a thriving and efficient work environment for all.

CWI Maintenance's janitorial cleaning services cover any institutional or commercial environment. Commercial business entails office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, and businesses located in warehouses. It is an industry that demands efficiency and dependable cleaning services, however a lot of cleaning companies experience a high turnover due to lack of quality service, low performance, and little effort to fulfill these demands. This is why at CWI Maintenance we do more than just cleaning. We work towards improving and growing with our environment everyday so that we can provide janitorial cleaning services tailored to your needs. To ensure that your cleaning needs are met and exceeded, we will train our team to your specifications and assign a manager to supervise your establishment on a weekly basis. From office buildings to warehouses, CWI Maintenance will keep your property shining and maintain your reputation.

The institutional industry consists of non-profit organizations such as schools, medical centers, group foster homes, buildings used for religious worship and courthouses. CWI Maintenance strongly believes in good relationships, so you can rest assure that we will take the necessary steps to keep your work environment healthy, safe, and clean.

Medical Centers
Healthcare organizations are a very endearing market for CWI Maintenance. This is because we care for you as much as you care for us. Our number one priority is to comply with any standards you are required to meet. We understand that a clean medical facility is critical to cut down costs and avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses. Therefore we make infection control a priority and work in compliance with regulations. We will ensure that we are up to date with any new regualtions required by your establishment.