About CWI

CWI maintenance services will instill pride back into your facilities by scheduling your restroom cleaning with such frequency that they will always look and smell clean, by ensuring that your floors are shiny even around the edges, and by responding quickly to cleaning emergencies that are bound to happen in any facility. We will coordinate our cleaning schedule to your specific needs and frequency. Many of the facilities we service are in operation 24 hours a day. We understand that you cannot stop for us to clean, therefore we instruct our employees to work around your personnel.


1. CWI maintenance has total of 50 cleaning workers and 6 supervisors.

2. CWI maintenance has 4 sub departments as follows;


Cleaning Service Department
  • CWI maintenance takes great care in hiring cleaning professionals. Only the best qualified people eventually become a part of the CWI maintenance family. They must be self-motivated, reliable, honest, and have a clean appearance. CWI maintenance cleaner always abides by safely rules and cleaning regulations.
Training and A/S Department
  • CWI maintenance assigns supervisors in accordance of the scale of the cleaning system, enabling communication system to work at all times. CWI maintenance supervisor manages cleaning system customer service, education of treatment of equipments, and controls safely accident prevention. CWI maintenance deals with the A/S matter right away.
Supply Department
  • CWI maintenance supplies itself with various cleaning related equipments, thus we can maximize the efficiency of the cleaning system. CWI maintenance provides high quality cleaning service with low cost, minimizing extra spending by using our own products and equipments.
Quality Control Department
  • CWI maintenance uses CMS(CWI Monitoring System) to evaluate cleaning services in order to meet customer’s demand. If the demand is not met, we would do our best to solve the problems and guarantee customer satisfaction. We also update information and educate our employee’s trough seminar and trainings. For this, CWI maintenance is currently working with the professional monitoring company, (SNP marketing CO.) and gets analysis.

Management Rules

1. Customer satisfaction

We guarantee 100% satisfaction for our customers and provide safe and pleasant environment.


2. Quality

CWI maintenance uses highest quality equipment approved for the cleaning.


3. Education and Training

CWI maintenance provides adequate deucation and training in order to achieve cleaning safety and efficiency.


4. Specialized Process

CWI maintenance prepares specialized work process provisions depending on the pypes of buildings(i.e. Hospital, Hotel, Institute), and provides systematic services using professional workers.


5. Preservation of the Building

CWI maintenance builds trust with the property owner by providing advices which helps maintain and/or increase the value of the building.


We currently clean approximately 2million square feet of commercial space in San Diego and surrounding areas, including

- Office buildings

- Banks

- Medical facilities

- Schools

- Retail spaces