CWI Maintenance understands that every market has its own unique needs. We don’t try to force these unique needs into a “one size fits all” package. Instead, we rely on our extensive experience in each market to create programs that are uniquely beneficial to each. Our professional staff implements these programs and works with each facility to add any custom touches that might be required. From Southern California to Northern California, CWI Maintenance is there to provide expert service and a friendly face in any market requiring facility maintenance service. We look forward to working with you.
Our aim at CWI is to provide all of our valued customers the absolute best service and value in the industry. We know that a properly maintained facility is the key to keeping occupants happy and anything less just isn’t acceptable.Our job is to give the building owner and property managers a process and plan that sets their mind at ease knowing that building maintenance is something they’ll never have to worry about with CWI Maintenance on the job.
Some of San Diego’s most recognized industrial companies trust CWI with their facilities maintenance service needs. In a market where down time is not an option. Our continued commitment to improving processes, adhering to strong safety guidelines and working closely with management to optimize programs continues to make us a desired partner in the manufacturing community. Why not contact us today to see what we can do for you?


CWI prides itself on keeping our local government facilities clean. Cleanliness is a critical component of a productive and safe work environment. It is imperative that your cleaning service provider understands the need to stay “behind the scenes” while keeping these important buildings exceptionally clean for all its inhabitants and guests.
From major universities to elementary schools, CWI works with a variety of local educational institutions. CWI works with you to create a cleaning program that best fits your facilities needs without trying to force you into a one size fits all type situation. We understand that it’s vitally important that your facility is kept clean and safe but in the most unobtrusive manner possible.
CWI has the necessary experience and resources to maintain your health related facility. Whether you have a medical office, lab, research facility, etc., CWI is qualified and appropriately trained to provide best-in-class service. In health related facilities, we understand that there is a higher cleaning standard that needs to be upheld. With health and hygiene issues paramount, finding the right service provider is critical.
From minor construction projects to full blown commercial building developments, CWI is the right choice when it comes to post construction clean-up projects. This last, but critical, piece of the construction process is the final step and one that often gets overlooked.
Don’t dread the clean-up. Instead, let the professionals at CWI do what we do best. You’ll be happy you called us.


No other local service provider understands the needs of the retail sector like CWI. These high traffic facilities require a level of attention very different from other markets. Aside from the needs associated with the high traffic, these facilities often face frequent emergency type situations as well. If not properly prepared, these minor emergencies can turn major very quickly. Hiring the right facilities maintenance team can make sure this concern is greatly minimized.
In an industry where cleanliness is so vital, don’t leave your facility maintenance needs to just anybody. Whether it’s a teller counter, loan office or an ATM area, customers expect things to be clean…really clean. What message does a dirty office send to a potential customer?
At CWI, we know that anything less than 100% is not acceptable. Not only do we understand the cleaning needs of the financial industry, we also understand the high level of security and safety needs attached to dealing in this market.